Jukka Niiranen

The Original Power Platform Advisor

Jukka Niiranen

Low-code app maker since 2005.💻
Former CRM wizard.🧙
Microsoft Business Applications MVP 2013-2024.🏆
Co-founded the first Microsoft Power Platform consulting agency in Finland.💼
Expert in governance 🔐 and licensing 💰 topics for Power Platform.

Coming soon: Niiranen Advisory

Successfully adopting a low-code application platform is a long journey. Along the road, you will likely need a variety of expertise and personas to help speed things along. No one person (or partner) can do it alone.I am currently taking a well deserved break 🌴🍹 from the day-to-day business of advising customers on Microsoft Power Platform technologies for the past 4 years. However, I intend to come back in the near future, full of new energy and ideas to advance the worthy cause of citizen development and how enterprise low-code platforms can empower them.🚀 Stay tuned!

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Some of you may already be familiar with my personal Thinking Forward blog at jukkaniiranen.com. Those think pieces aren't going anywhere.📝 Likewise, if you're on LinkedIn and follow Microsoft Power Platform people, you may have come across my hot takes on all things low-code & MSFT. I ain't planning on stopping those either.🔥If you want to reach out to me directly, please leave a message below and I'll see if I could help you. Cheers.🍻

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